What is Bida?

Bida is a subscription-based app that gives its members one drink every day – up to 31 per month – for as low as 9,99€ a month. For the price of one cocktail, subscribers get a drink each and every day at their choice of bars, restaurants, and clubs across Barcelona.

Drinking establishments love Bida because it brings new customers through their doors, follow on sales (Bida members are encouraged to stay and order additional drinks/food), and in-depth analytics.

How does it work?

After downloading the app users can browse through awesome bars, restaurants, and lounges all over the city totally free. As an option, you can subscribe to become a Bida member and receive one free drink a day at any one of our partner bars EVERY DAY.

How do I claim a drink?

To claim a drink, you just need to show up at any of our partner bars (we indicate whether the bar is open or closed but we recommend calling the bar in case you’re going near closing hours for example). Once there, select the drink you’d like on the app, and show the appropriate screen to your bartender or waiter. You have 3 minutes to make the order.

Once you receive your drink, you can leave a review for the drink and for the venue. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your complimentary beverage!

So I can go from bar to bar claiming free drinks all day?

No. Bida allows you ONE drink PER day at your choice of any one of our partner venues. Once you claim a drink, you won’t be able to claim a new one until 7h the next morning.

What kind of bars are on the app?

We are currently partnered with some of Barcelona’s best bars, lounges, and restaurants. We carefully select each venue to make sure it has the right look and feel for our members. Some things we look out for are great drinks (of course!), good food, a nice ambiance, and good service.

Do I have to order a second drink?

Members are not required to order a second drink, however it is highly recommended. Our venues depend on follow on purchases for this app to make sense for them. If everyone just had a drink and left, our app would cease to exist. So be a good citizen and order some more drinks or food. Ahhh, tough life ;-).